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Course Overview

The Drupal 7 Zero to Hero Bundle packages all four of our Drupal 7 classes together at a special reduced price. The bundle includes:

Building Websites with Drupal 7 (6 weeks)

In this course, you will learn everything you need to know to build and maintain your own Drupal website, from simple blogs to more complex database applications. (with no programming necessary!) During the course, you will build your own complete Drupal site, with custom content types, dynamic pages and forms, and e-commerce integration. Read the course description for full details.

PHP Bootcamp for Drupal (2 weeks)

Learn the PHP and basic programming skills necessary for Drupal module and theme development. Read the course description for full details.

Drupal 7 Module Development (6 weeks)

In this course, you will learn to build your own custom modules for Drupal. Covering the Drupal 7 core API and the Views module API, you'll discover the most commonly-used Drupal hooks and functions and find out how to use Drupal's documentation to learn about the rest. You'll develop several modules step-by-step, while following best practices to ensure maintainability and interoperability with other modules. This course covers the Drupal hook system, the database API, the form API, Views module API, security and performance best practices. Read the course description for full details.

Drupal 7 Theme Development (6 weeks)

In this course, you will learn to build your own custom themes for Drupal. The class covers Drupal 7 core theming, Views theming, responsive design with the Omega base theme, and using the Display Suite module. During this course, you'll develop themes step-by-step, while following best practices to ensure maintainability and interoperability with Drupal module updates. Read the course description for full details.

Purchasing the Bundle

To purchase the bundle, just choose the class sessions you would like and click Add to Cart. PHP Bootcamp is a pre-requisite for the two Development classes, so make sure to schedule it before them. The Module Development and Theme Development classes are independent, and the order in which you take those doesn't matter.

Drupal 7: Zero-to-Hero Bundle

$1,194 per student

Choose the session dates for each of your classes below to build your bundle. Lesson videos for each class are available on-demand at any time once the class begins. For more information about each class, including the dates and times of live Q&A webinars, click the class names below.

I have no HTML, CMS or Web developer experience but with this course, I learned so fast that anybody can build a website from scratch easily. If you are like me, start learning web development with the best architecture, Drupal.
David - Electrical/Automation Engineer
I had been looking for a class on Drupal 7 but did not want to go to a week long class somewhere away from work. With DrupalTutor I was able to log-in to do the videos and assignments when it was convenient for me. The class pages and assignment instructions were easy to follow and understand. It was a GREAT class and the instructor - Awesome! I will be watching the DrupalTutor site for future training opportunities.
Debbie - Website Administrator
The videos were cool. I've always been a fan of being in the same place as the instructor, but the videos make me feel like I am in a classroom learning the material.
Tim - Front-End Developer
Great online classes on Drupaltutor.com. I first took "Building Websites with Drupal 7", then I registered the Advanced Drupal Bundle for all other 3 classes. I have just done the PHP Bootcamp for Drupal and started to next one. The course materials were excellent. The instructor did a good job on weekly sessions.
Lily - Databases and web applications administrator
I have found this course and Wayne's other courses a very good value. I have studied some of this material for some time. Wayne has brought many issues together and integrated what was learned piecemeal before.
Charles - Software Developer and Teacher
Before I took this course I was fuzzy on Drupal and web development in general. Wayne's instruction got me through my initial confusion and left me with a much fuller understanding of what's possible with this flexible, powerful platform. The range of possibilities that's been opened up to me is exhilarating.
Mattias - Undergraduate Student, Computer Science
Wayne delivered an awesome course! Even with some minor background in Drupal and PHP I found every lesson of this training valuable. Before the course was finished I was able to plan, build, and implement a functioning blog for my company. I am excited to see where I can take it from here!
Chris - Marketing Manager
This course really helped me with learning to work with Drupal. Everything was very well explained and very easy to understand. The hands-on approach to it works really well.
Joseph - Web Developer
I feel this course has given me a great leap in bringing the Drupal modules into an organized framework. I would highly recommend this course to bring the overall structure to a meaningful framework. It takes courses such as this to bring the collection of driving attributes to an organized framework leading to a functioning website.
Charles - Team Leader in Large Organization
I signed up for class so that I could learn how to use Drupal as an administrator for a business website. A third party company set up our site and did a great job. However, I didn't understand the foundation of Drupal and all it entailed, so this class was perfect for me. I am now able to tweak what they did to make it work more for how I operate. The videos were easy to watch and understand, and it is so great that we are watch them any time in the future. Wayne was a great instructor and answered all of my questions (mostly that pertained to my business site) in the live sessions. I would HIGHLY recommend this class to anyone that wants to learn the basics of Drupal and especially to someone that is maintaining a site using Drupal.
Shannon - Director of Marketing
Wayne is an experienced and battle-scarred Drupal developer. His background as a teacher clearly helps when building the course outline and giving presentations. Thanks!
Kevin - Senior Web Developer
The entire course was much more than I expected. I did attend a previous Drupal course, but there was no comparison. This ecourse rocks!
Missi - Webmaster (Public Library system)
Wayne is a great presenter and takes on all questions. His previous experience as a high school teacher shines through.
Kevin - PHP / Drupal Software Developer
This course helped fill in many of the gaps I had with Drupal 7. The project instruction was thorough and provided a comprehensive road map of the development-to-production process of creating Drupal site.
Luis - Developer
A while back i was given the task to take care of a website that was written in Drupal. I knew very little about Drupal and how it works, and I was getting security update notices that needed to be done. I contacted the person who wrote the site and was told not to worry about the updates so on and so forth. This didn't sit well with me, plus I was getting daily emails to update. I decided to look for an online course and found Drupaltutor.com. I now feel confident about maintaining this site and adding content and even coming up with new ideas for the site. The site is updated and setup properly which it was not when I got the task of maintaining it. All I can say is thanks to Wayne, he is a great teacher on this subject. Well worth the cost of the course and it was fun learning about Drupal.
Noel - V.P. United Puett Starting Gate Corp.
I thought the course was more complete and comprehensive than a previous tutorial I had taken in the past in another online course. I greatly enjoyed the way the instructor was so receptive to the questions and issues on the weekends and late in the evening. I truly appreciate that we have access to the videos after the class was over to reflect back over in our future real life Drupal built site we are developing and may come up against issues. I would definitely recommend everyone to take this class to who are looking to move into the Drupal arena. I have expressed this to my work colleagues!
Laura - System Analyst
I found the course to be helpful for reviewing PHP, that I learned several years back, and for learning new concepts to use with our Drupal implementation project. The material will serve as a handy reference while working in Drupal.
Bob - Website Manager/Portal Administrator
I am delighted that I found DrupalTutor and took this course. I decided it was time to expand my skills beyond PHP and MySql - that it was time to learn Drupal. I took the first course on Building Drupal and have already signed up for more advanced courses. There is a lot of material to cover but Wayne has it organized and developed in an extremely comprehensive way. His expert knowledge and experience really shine through and are invaluable. I highly recommend taking this course.
Mary - Webmaster (for small non-profit)
Wayne was an excellent instructor, delivering the complex world of PHP in manageable pieces, building on the last for an overall understanding. He has an excellent pace, explains the reasoning behind the syntax, and gives you resources to discover more on your own. I'd recommend these courses for anyone that wants a clear, and quick, crash-course in Drupal development.
Jayson - Senior Web Designer and Developer, San Francisco
I taught myself the basics of Drupal 6 by reading a book and scouring the internet for information. I struggled building a basic site and was never sure I was doing things the correct way. After taking Wayne's Building Websites with Drupal 7 it has all come together. I now feel I have the knowledge and understanding to build a Drupal 7 site from the ground up. Only a week out from class being over I have created a portal for our school board. Without this class implementing some of the requested functionality would have been a battle. Thanks Wayne for your excellent delivery and patient teaching style.
Judith - Business Applications Manager
I enjoyed this introduction to PHP, which was presented in a clear and engaging way. I feel like it gave me a good introduction to PHP syntax and a foundation for learning more. The fact that I can go back to the materials is a big bonus. I will be recommending it to others on my team who would like to learn PHP.
Production Manager, San Francisco
This course was far more complete and comprehensive than I had expected from an online course. The instructor was very receptive to questions and issues that came up even on the weekends and late in the evening. It's great that we have access to the videos after the class for when we are developing in the real world and come up against issues. I would definitely recommend this class to others in the industry who are looking to move into the Drupal arena. In fact, I already have!
Cathlene - Career Relauncher as a Drupal Developer
I'm a long time ColdFusion developer whose employer had decided on Drupal for a rebuild of several websites. While I have lots of programmer experience, very little of it is PHP. I signed up for the course to get a head start before we kick off the project. This course provides a great overview of Drupal, some real hands-on application development across a breadth of modules, and a lot of real-world information. I feel at this point that I have a good enough handle to start managing a rebuild and I've signed up for the more advanced classes to get me through the project. Wayne is incredibly knowledgable and willing to answer whatever questions we throw at him.
Gwen - Director of Technology Development
I have taken two course thus far with DupualTutor. I find Wayne Eaker to be not only thorough but always there to assist in helping you solve any problem that you didn't quite understand. I love the courses so much the I will be taking more in the near future.
Kim - Web Developer, Philadelphia, PA
Everything I wanted to learn, as with everything in the bootcamp, I was able to grasp the topics due to Wayne's great straight-forward and clear teaching method, a case-study in itself for how to conduct an online course! My favorite lesson out of them all so far has been by the case study of PSD to Theme which is really a sort of end result of what I wanted to do.
Matt - Audio/Video/Web Admin/Designer
The class was awesome -- the instructor thoroughly knowledgeable! I highly recommend this course for anyone wanting much, much more than simply Drupal basics.
John – Cincinnati Marketing Consultant
Wayne is hands-down the best, THE BEST instructor I've ever had. The amount of knowledge and experience I have gained so quickly through Wayne has already opened many doors that I thought would take at least a year or more. He is detailed and thorough yet gets through material quicker than any 600 page manual ever could. He is the reason why we still need experts in the field, not just books, to pass along the knowledge when technology is changing by the minute and regular schools don't have the time to update curriculum to fit the real-world working job needs. The value this course brought has eclipsed everything else, and if it sounds like I'm over-praising here, I'm not, he deserves it. I intend to continue on my path of all things Drupal and web development, and hope to meet Wayne one day at a Drupal Con. Maybe he'll sign my laptop. Thanks a million Wayne.
Matt - Struggling Musician turned Web Developer
I would highly recommend these Drupal module development classes to anyone who wants to get up to speed quickly and hit the ground running. They provide an excellent basis to become productive immediately.
Nick - President - Human Systems Consulting
Wayne is an incredible teacher and makes understanding Drupal easy for anyone. I highly suggest taking this course if you want to learn how to build a website and need step by step instructions to learn. Thank you, Wayne!
This is a great course if you are looking for more than what you will find in a book. Wayne introduces many contributed modules that are essential in building most web applications. Books don't do this, at least not the 3 or 4 that I have read. Also, Wayne focuses a great deal on the Views module (a contributed module) which is essential to building a dynamic web application. Without a thorough understanding of this module, you might as well just use WordPress. I plan to also take some of the other courses that Wayne teaches (PHP and theming).
Bob - Associate Vice President, Information Technology
It's clear that Wayne has lots of classroom teaching and Drupal development experience as well as good communications skills for an online class. In learning how to develop, manage and maintain a Drupal site, I thought the Drupal class format easy-to-follow, packed with basic and technical knowledge, as well as advanced strategies for easier work-flow. Also, I was impressed with responsive attitude of instructor in the live sessions.
Heather - Software Products Manager
If your boss wants you to go in a new direction with their website tell him/her to fork over the cost for this course and they will never regret it. As a total novice at Drupal I found it exceptional as a teaching tool. The pace, examples, ability to stop, start and replay the videos helped me tremendously. I now recognize Drupal enable sites everywhere, and understand why Drupal is so "modulefully" powerful. Wayne progresses in logical steps then brings it all together to make you understand why the pieces fit so well. And Wayne's quick response to emails and the live sessions helped clarify any issues I had. Thank you Wayne!!!
Chuck - Technology and Web Administrator
This course is the best way to get up to speed on Drupal that I can imagine. It exceeded my expectations in breadth and depth of material in a wonderfully conducive learning environment, and had the added benefit of allowing me to review any lesson long after the course ended. I highly recommend it!
Nick - President - Human Systems LLC
It's definitely a good place to grab the basics, and it teaches you everything you need to know to start a Drupal site from scratch.
John - On-Call Tech
This class was a great beginner course. I've been using Drupal for 2 years, but only maintaining an existing site, never really getting into the nuts and bolts of it, now I understand it so much better and can take over much of the work I used to have to rely on other people for. This class was great for me, starting from scratch, but I feel would also benefit someone with more experience with Drupal. Wayne really broke down every lesson into the most basic parts and made it incredibly easy to understand everything we did in class. I hope to take more classes in the future!
Bethany - Graphic Designer/Communications Director
The details provided in the training videos, are the best instruction I've come across in my Drupal training. I've attended training classes with other companies that just don't compare to Wayne's excellent instruction. I love that you have permanent access as well, to the recordings of all the lessons and live sessions. He is very well organized and full of the right knowledge to help anyone get on the right path with Drupal. Wayne's communication during live lab sessions, forums and emails were always detailed, clearly explained, friendly and professional. I have really enjoyed this class and I'm looking forward to my next training courses with Wayne!
Patricia - Senior Front-End Web Developer
I am glad that I took the class. It provided a good foundation in Drupal that will help me professionally working on websites. The ability to download and save videos for future reference is a real plus. The live labs were very helpful as Wayne Eaker took the time to respond to all questions. In addition, I like the option of being able to export our sites at the end of the class. I would recommend the class to anyone looking for a good foundation in order to get going with Drupal.
Bob - Website Manager/Portal Administrator
This was a great course for me to take, reminding me what I already know through experience with our program site, and stretching me to think about ways to build out and optimize how we're currently using our site. It also helped me build the vocabulary I need to talk to our technology partners, and gave me the confidence and resources I need to suggest improvements in a more informed way. I felt really challenged, but equally as supported throughout. I'll be back for more (after enjoying the too-short Maine summer). And, Wayne, you're fun and responsive and you seemed to care about us. All that really matters in mentoring and learning.
Sarah - Education Program Lead
This was my first webinar so I wasn't sure what to expect or how I would be able to get help if I had a question or got behind, but I was really surprised at how easy it was to communicate both during live classes, and in the discussion forum afterward. I was only able to attend the first two live classes, due to my graduate school classes falling on Monday nights at approximately the same time, but because we were allowed to download the videos I was able to watch the lectures and complete the assignments. All in all, I really enjoyed the class, I learned A TON, and Wayne made the information really easy to understand and follow.
Ben from Ann Arbor, Michigan
Wayne was very organized and thorough with all the details in each lesson and was professional, helpful, and friendly during the Live Session videos. The time frame given between the video uploads and the Live Session works well. Because you can download and keep the videos, you are able to watch them on your own schedule as well as have future reference after the course is over. It is apparent that Wayne is a Drupal Wizard! I highly recommend this course to anyone interested in learning Drupal.
Laura from Williamsburg, Virginia
Wayne, you are the best computer instructor I have ever had. You explained things so well, and went step by step making sure that the material was well covered. Your knowledge of Drupal is very impressive, and you were able to convey that knowledge without any problems. You are definitely an excellent instructor.
Marlene from Silver Spring, Maryland
It was incredible. For me it was like sucking on a fire hose of information, but I loved it...Watching the video was really instructive, not only about the information conveyed, but how you use tabs to increase your efficiency in switching views, or how you create things, check them out, and if they don't work, watching how you debug it. It means to me it's okay if it doesn't work quite right the first time. Anyway, all of this kind of thing was invaluable that you could never get from an email or a book. The webinar format and lab are awesome. To have you be able to watch me try to do something, and then use your mouse to show me what to do, is like having an instructor over my shoulder watching me...awesome technology.
Peter from Falmouth, Massachusetts
Wayne, I love the way you teach. You always remember to go through all the steps, you show us how it works straight out of the box before customizing, and your expert knowledge comes through every step of the way. Thank you.
Debbie from Long Grove, Illinois
Loved the class. Learned a lot. The speed was a bit fast but in the end I was glad to get more information by going quickly and having the videos to refer back to is critical.
Joanne from Ford, Pennsylvania
This was a wonderful course and very insightful. I've gone from a beginner to feeling confident in producing my own web page in a matter of weeks. Thanks Wayne!
Dale from Kalamazoo, Michigan