Drupal Advanced Bundle

The Drupal Advanced Bundle packages our advanced Drupal classes together at a special reduced price. The bundle includes:

PHP Bootcamp for Drupal 8 & 9 (4 weeks)

Learn the PHP and basic programming skills necessary for Drupal module and theme development. Read the course description for full details.

Beginning Module Development (2 weeks)

In this course, you will learn the foundational skills needed to create modules in Drupal. The course focuses on programmatically generating pages from data within and outside the Drupal CMS and rendering it in a variety of formats and custom templates. Read the course description for full details.

Intermediate Module Development (2 weeks)

In this course, you will expand your skills to create custom modules that utilize Drupal's Form API and Entity API. The course will focus on creating custom forms and entity types, as well as creating blocks and sending emails programmatically. ) Read the course description for full details.

Drupal Theming Fundamentals (2 weeks)

In this course, beginner Drupal themers will learn the foundational skills needed to create their own themes for Drupal, as well as modify and extend existing themes. Read the course description for full details.

Drupal Theming in Practice (2 weeks)

In this course, students will go step-by-step through the process of creating a Drupal theme from an HTML design. This includes breaking down the design logically into components, determining which features from Drupal core and contributed modules to use to implement those components, and building a functional theme to match the original design. Read the course description for full details.

Purchasing the Bundle

To purchase the bundle, just choose the class sessions you would like from the box and click Add to Cart. PHP Bootcamp is a pre-requisite for the Module and Theme development classes, so please make sure to schedule it before either of those courses. The Module Development and Theme Development classes are independent of one another, and the order in which you take those doesn't matter.

Wayne Eaker
Wayne Eaker
Drupal Architect, Developer, and Trainer

About Your Instructor

Wayne Eaker is the director and chief developer of Zengenuity. He's a Drupal expert with years of experience building highly-customized Drupal websites. He is also a seasoned trainer, having taught professionals, corporate clients and high school computer science students.

What People are Saying

Take a look at what students are saying about classes in this bundle.

“Learning Drupal technology is like climbing a tall range of mountains. Without a good guide, you're probably going to tumble down in the valleys below. Wayne helps you reach those peaks by organising his courses in a logical order and presenting the material through practical scenarios.”

Ivan Pellegrin
Data and Analytics Consultant

“This class was by far the most beneficial Drupal 8 learning experience. I am very excited to be able to use the new concepts that were taught in my future development projects.”

Drupal Hobbyist

“I am a web developer in an IT company, and I've built several websites with Drupal 7. However, since I learned Drupal by myself, I always had the feeling that there was an easier way to do things. I stuck to creating pages and components from the admin panel and then modifying them (as I could) with the few hook functions that I knew or Javascript (do not do that! eheh).

Since now Drupal 8 is out and starting to be widely used, I didn't want to repeat the same error, and I preferred to take a structured course about what Drupal actually offers concerning built-in features. With this course I discovered the routing system, the links system, the benefits of placeholders, the cache system, how to correctly use hook functions, the differences among the several standard file names, and many other tips.

Last but not least, I really have to say that the teacher Wayne is great: He explains everything in a very detailed way, with a simple language, and slowly.”

Software and web developer

“This has been the best on-line Drupal training course that I have done so far. My personal highlight were the lessons on dependency injection, probably the best explanation of this important concept that I have seen.”

Drupal Developer

“Wayne is a great teacher. He sounds passionate about Drupal and doesn't limit his courses to a single method of doing things. He always teaches every possible way. I really enjoyed the course and one important detail is that you get access to the videos forever which is nice if you want to go back to something.”

Jr. Developer

“I am self-taught and have been a senior web developer for many years. These classes jump right to the pertinent information and stays on point.

My experience has taught me that online video courses will be only partially useful, and even then it takes considerable effort to find the proper information to fill in the gaps of my existing knowledge. I'm pleased to say that this course was quite the opposite - Each video (well...maybe not the Intro to PHP for ûber-beginners video) was full of useful information. Multiple times during the course, after being exposed to some new tidbit of Drupally-goodness, I would pause the video, go into my real-life-Drupal-8 development codebase, and implement the technique I just learned. I'm not talking copy/pasting sample code into a contrived learning environment, I'm talking writing my own code to solve a real-world issue.

Considering the reasonable cost of these videos, I can say they're totally worth your time and money. They certainly were worth it for me.”

Senior Web Developer

Our Guarantee

Try this course for a week, and if you don't agree that it's the best way to learn Drupal, we'll refund the full price. No questions asked.

$ 998
Per student
  • 43+ hours of video lessons
  • Live webinars with your instructor
  • Permanent access to the recordings of all the lessons and live sessions
  • A development environment for your practice Drupal site
  • Access to an online forum to ask questions of the instructor and discuss with other students

When are these classes taught?

Class Start Dates

You can start these classes any time within 6 months of purchase.

Lesson Videos

These courses include detailed step-by-step lesson videos, available on-demand to watch on your own schedule. These videos are yours forever, so you can come back and watch them any time you need a refresher.

Live Webinars

In addition to the lesson videos you will be able to attend optional live Q&A webinars with your instructor. In these sessions, you can ask questions, get help with troubleshooting issues, or dive deeper into any topics that interest you. Click here for a list of upcoming Q&A webinar times.

Online Development Environment

We will provide you with access to an online development environment where you can follow along with the lesson videos without installing anything on your computer.