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Course Overview

The Advanced Drupal Bundle packages our three advanced classes together at a special reduced price. The bundle includes:

PHP Bootcamp for Drupal (2 weeks)

Learn the PHP and basic programming skills necessary for Drupal module and theme development. Read the course description for full details.

Drupal 7 Module Development (6 weeks)

In this course, you will learn to build your own custom modules for Drupal. Covering the Drupal 7 core API and the Views module API, you'll discover the most commonly-used Drupal hooks and functions and find out how to use Drupal's documentation to learn about the rest. You'll develop several modules step-by-step, while following best practices to ensure maintainability and interoperability with other modules. This course covers the Drupal hook system, the database API, the form API, Views module API, security and performance best practices. Read the course description for full details.

Drupal 7 Theme Development (6 weeks)

In this course, you will learn to build your own custom themes for Drupal. The class covers Drupal 7 core theming, Views theming, responsive design with the Omega base theme, and using the Display Suite module. During this course, you'll develop themes step-by-step, while following best practices to ensure maintainability and interoperability with Drupal module updates. Read the course description for full details.

Purchasing the Bundle

To purchase the bundle, just choose the class sessions you would like from the box and click Add to Cart. PHP Bootcamp is a pre-requisite for the other classes, so make sure to schedule it first. The Module Development and Theme Development classes are independent, and the order in which you take those doesn't matter.

Drupal 7: Advanced Bundle

$994 per student

Choose the session dates for each of your classes below to build your bundle. Lesson videos for each class are available on-demand at any time once the class begins. For more information about each class, including the dates and times of live Q&A webinars, click the class names below.

The videos were cool. I've always been a fan of being in the same place as the instructor, but the videos make me feel like I am in a classroom learning the material.
Tim - Front-End Developer
Great online classes on Drupaltutor.com. I first took "Building Websites with Drupal 7", then I registered the Advanced Drupal Bundle for all other 3 classes. I have just done the PHP Bootcamp for Drupal and started to next one. The course materials were excellent. The instructor did a good job on weekly sessions.
Lily - Databases and web applications administrator
I have found this course and Wayne's other courses a very good value. I have studied some of this material for some time. Wayne has brought many issues together and integrated what was learned piecemeal before.
Charles - Software Developer and Teacher
Wayne is a great presenter and takes on all questions. His previous experience as a high school teacher shines through.
Kevin - PHP / Drupal Software Developer
I found the course to be helpful for reviewing PHP, that I learned several years back, and for learning new concepts to use with our Drupal implementation project. The material will serve as a handy reference while working in Drupal.
Bob - Website Manager/Portal Administrator
Wayne was an excellent instructor, delivering the complex world of PHP in manageable pieces, building on the last for an overall understanding. He has an excellent pace, explains the reasoning behind the syntax, and gives you resources to discover more on your own. I'd recommend these courses for anyone that wants a clear, and quick, crash-course in Drupal development.
Jayson - Senior Web Designer and Developer, San Francisco
I enjoyed this introduction to PHP, which was presented in a clear and engaging way. I feel like it gave me a good introduction to PHP syntax and a foundation for learning more. The fact that I can go back to the materials is a big bonus. I will be recommending it to others on my team who would like to learn PHP.
Production Manager, San Francisco
Everything I wanted to learn, as with everything in the bootcamp, I was able to grasp the topics due to Wayne's great straight-forward and clear teaching method, a case-study in itself for how to conduct an online course! My favorite lesson out of them all so far has been by the case study of PSD to Theme which is really a sort of end result of what I wanted to do.
Matt - Audio/Video/Web Admin/Designer
I would highly recommend these Drupal module development classes to anyone who wants to get up to speed quickly and hit the ground running. They provide an excellent basis to become productive immediately.
Nick - President - Human Systems Consulting