Drupal by the Drop: October 7, 2015

Wayne Eaker
Drupal by the Drop: October 7, 2015

A review of interesting Drupal tutorials posted this week: September 30 - October 7, 2015.

Drupal 8

Announcing the Drupal 8 Contrib Porting Tracker Project on Drupal.org

Get the Drupal 8 porting status of major Drupal contrib modules all in one place.

What to keep in mind when creating Drupal 8 projects

A good list of gotchas to watch out for if you're starting a D8 site right now.

How can we know if a page in Drupal 8 has changed?

An overview of CacheTags and the CacheTag Notify module.

For Site Builders

Introducing the "Views Save" module

Allows you to save a view with a given set of filters so that you can re-run it again in the future, see new matches against the filter criteria.

Understanding Drupal Security Advisories: Vulnerability types

Basic introduction to different types of security problems that can be reported in a security update. (SQL injection, cross-site-scripting, etc.)

Secure the data of visitors on your Drupal website better

A tutorial on using the Field Encryption module to encrypt values in fields. Keep in mind when using this that it's two-way encryption, and the key ends up on the server. (in settings.php) So, if someone compromises your server, they can still decrypt the values. But, this method would protect data in database backups, if they were separated from settings.php.

Build a Blog in Drupal 8: Adding Comments

Webform - A short introduction screencast

How to Get a Views & Panels Site to Work with Workbench Moderation

For Module Developers

Building Custom cTools Plugins in Drupal 7

Translation of custom modules and themes in Drupal 7

For Themers

Configuring Grunt for compiling SASS/LESS to CSS

How to set up a video background in Drupal 7 using the jquery.videobackground plugin

If you must have a video background, that is.

Upcoming Drupal Events

DrupalCamp Baltimore - October 9
New England Drupal Camp - October 10
Pacific Northwest Drupal Summit - October 10 - 11
DrupalCamp Atlanta - October 16 - 17
BADcamp - October 22 - 25