Drupal by the Drop: October 28, 2015

Wayne Eaker
Drupal by the Drop: October 28, 2015

A review of interesting Drupal tutorials posted this week: October 21 - 28, 2015.

Drupal Releases

Drupal 7.41 released | Drupal.org

Security update. Here's the vulnerability info: Drupal Core - Overlay - Less Critical - Open Redirect - SA-CORE-2015-004

Drupal 8

Commerce 2.x Stories: Update

A progress report on the state of Drupal Commerce for Drupal 8.

For Site Builders

User Moderation Sandbox Project for Drupal - Community Management of New Users to Avoid Spammers and Trolls

Looks like a good solution for community sites where you want your users to help you moderate.

Tips for a Sustainable Drupal 7 & 8 Website

Includes a lot of optimization tips.

For Module Developers

Using migrations to provide default content

Now that Migrate module is included in Drupal 8 core, I can see this being a standard way to do this sort of thing.

Merging changes from GitHub back into Drupal.org

Deploy Drupal variable changes with Hook Update Deploy Tools

It gives you a better confirmation message than using variable_set() in your update functions.

Importing Excel data with PHP, OpenXML and SpreadsheetLight: a Drupal example

You can also use the Feeds module and Feeds XLS to do something like this.

Upcoming Drupal Events

DrupalCamp Mexico - November 5 - 7
DrupalCamp Chattanooga - November 7
DrupalCamp Scotland - November 7
DrupalCamp Oslo - November 14 - 15