Drupal by the Drop: October 21, 2015

Wayne Eaker
Drupal by the Drop: October 21, 2015

A review of interesting Drupal tutorials posted this week: October 14 - 21, 2015.

Drupal Releases

Drupal 7.40 released

Not a security release. Bug fixes only.

Drupal 8.0.0-rc2 on Wednesday, October 21, 2015

For Site Builders

Youtube Uploader widget

A video overview of a pretty cool module that automatically uploads your videos from a Drupal site to Youtube, and then embeds the resulting Youtube video in the node page view. It even supports fallback to local video if Youtube is blocked.

Installing Drupal 8

A basic overview of the install process for Drupal 8.

Deploy Feature changes by reverting with Hook Update Deploy Tools

A better way to do Features reverts on deployment.

Show data in Drupal from Web Services using Drupal WSData Module

This allows you to pull data from an external server and display it Drupal, unlike a lot of other tutorials that are out there that show you how to provide an API for data in Drupal.

Integrating multisite Drupal with Apache Solr

Should you have a single Solr core with multiple site hashes or a different core for each site? The pros and cons of each approach are outlined.

Creating A Drupal Distro That Scales - Part 2: Site Deployment

How to use a distribution-based approach to site building and deployment.

For Module Developers

Breaking Words to obtain Readable URLs

An overview of a tool called Wordbreaker, which looks really awesome. Can turn a string like businessandintellectualproperty into "business and intellectual property". In this post they use it to fix some URLs without word boundary dashes in them.

Drupal 7 post insert hooks as a shutdown function

I've had to use this technique a few times in the past. The gist is that you can't assume the database has all the node data stored in it when hook_node_insert() or hook_node_update() are called, so if you need to read data from the just-changed node, you should use a shutdown function that runs at the end of the call stack.

Introducing Drupal 8's Entity Validation API

In Drupal 8, validation is no longer tied to the Form API. So you can call $node->validate() in programmatic cases to check for invalid values.

Node smuggling, aka poor mans node_export

One solution for pushing node content from dev to production using just update hooks.

How to check a user role inside a custom module in Drupal 8

Adding a custom extra field to entity / node display

How To Force Search API To Reindex a Node / an Entity

Drupal 7 Node Access Grants

For Themers

Custom Display Suite Fields in Drupal 8

Upcoming Drupal Events

BADcamp - October 22 - 25
DrupalCamp Ohio - October 23 - 24
DrupalCamp Mexico - November 5 - 7
DrupalCamp Chattanooga - November 7
DrupalCamp Scotland - November 7