Drupal by the Drop: September 9, 2015

Wayne Eaker
Drupal by the Drop: September 9, 2015

A review of interesting Drupal tutorials posted this week: September 2 - 9, 2015.

Drupal 8

Drupal 8 now ships with beta-to-beta updates - Time to start your simplest D8 sites. Still limited contrib modules, but core should be usable now.

Using Drupal Console with Drupal 8 with Jesus Manuel Olivas - Modules Unraveled Podcast

Filter content in a Drupal View with AJAX - A D8 tutorial on overriding the exposed filters in Views.

For Site Builders

Still on Drupal 6? Here are your options!

Drupal View on Steroids. Using a Cloud Database as View Data Source

File Chooser Field - third-party file storage services in Drupal fields

Drupal 7 Panels: Page Manager User Pages - Allows you to style the login/register pages with Panels.

Authoring Experience (AX) Best Practices for Images in Drupal

Pane Field: World domination with ctools panes inside your content - Make flexible options for content editors when using the Paragraphs module

DrupalCon Los Angeles Interview: Jen Lampton & Nate Haug re: Backdrop CMS

Between Releases: When Should I Adopt the Newest Version of Drupal?

Use AdvAgg Information tab to debug or optimize CSS and JS aggregates in Drupal 7

For Module Developers

How Drupal 7 Works, Part 2: The Bootstrap

Dynamic content caching based on attributes in Drupal 7 - A simple way to change cache-control headers based on node data. I like it.

For Themers

Require JS, Grunt, Bower, Foundation, Compass and Drupal - Let’s just be friends, with benefits.

Upcoming Drupal Events

DrupalCamp Montréal - September 11 - 12

DrupalCon Barcelona - September 21 - 25