Drupal by the Drop: September 23, 2015

Wayne Eaker
Drupal by the Drop: September 23, 2015

A review of interesting Drupal tutorials posted this week: September 16 - 23, 2015.

DrupalCon Barcelona

DrupalCon Barcelona is going on this week. See the keynote by Dries here and watch videos of all the sessions online at the Drupal Association's Youtube page.

Drupal 8

Always be shippable - Dries Buytaert

A new plan for Drupal core development, involving feature branches that keep the master branch in a shippable state at all times.

Headless Drupal & Node.js | Part 1/3: Drupal 8 RESTful

Part 1 takes you through the Drupal side of things, getting Drupal 8 up and running with a REST API that provides blog posts as JSON.

The definitive introduction to D8 and Composer

It's still not a simple as it should be, but it's getting close. I'm really looking forward to using Composer for D8 projects.

For Site Builders

Using Features Override to manage changes to a distribution

Managing changes you make to a Drupal distribution can be a royal pain. Features Override module makes it a bit better...though still a pain.

Keep Drupal Entity References in Sync with the CER Module

A good intro to the Corresponding Entity References module.

How To Improve Performance With Boost Module

If you've never used the Boost module, this tutorial is for you. I use Boost on my personal website.

For Module Developers

Using Traits in PHP

Traits are recent addition to PHP. They allow you to include repeated code blocks in classes, without using inheritance.

For Themers

Responsive Design: Media Queries And How To Make Them More Friendly

A introductory overview of writing media queries to enable responsive designs.

Wireframing Template for Sketch by Chapter Three

Upcoming Drupal Events

DrupalCamp Baltimore - October 9
New England Drupal Camp - October 10
Pacific Northwest Drupal Summit - October 10 - 11
DrupalCamp Atlanta - October 16 - 17
BADcamp - October 22 - 25