The Week in Drupal: April 22, 2015

Tuesday, April 21, 2015
Wayne Eaker

A review of interesting modules, articles and other Drupal news of the last week: April 15 - 22, 2015.

Drupal News

Limited email privacy breach on on April 15th

Limited to under 500 users, apparently. If you haven't been contacted, you're not one of them.

DrupalCon LA News: Sessions and BoFs are live

Looks like I have the coveted last session of the day slot on Wednesday.

Blink Reaction and Propeople Are Joining Forces

More consolidation in the mega-agency space.

Drupal 8

Drupal 8: core javascript files for anonymous users

You can't assume you have libraries like jQuery loaded on every page in D8. You need to specifically include them for your module.


Speeding up Complex Drupal Data Loads with Custom Caches

Serializing field data as a single chunk instead of loading all 350 fields (!!!) from their standard tables.

Drupal 7 - Hooking Ajax events and views refresh

Shows you how to hook into Drupal's ajax events as well as trigger them.

Blog Posts and Podcasts Featured Case Studies: National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum

A new way to welcome newcomers on

Weekly Module Review - Fast Permissions Administration

Interesting New Modules

Module Whitelist

Allows certain user roles to be able to enable or disable a small subset of modules, without providing those users full administrative access. This is useful in certain situations, such as when developing a custom distribution.

Rules Date Check (sandbox)

A small Rules module providing some date and time comparisons and formatting. Useful for comparing the current time to a given hour or day, such when in building conditions like "if it is after 6am on Tuesday..." Since multiple conditions can be applied, conditions like "before 9am between Tuesday and Thursday" can be created. It is particularly useful for cron-triggered rules.

Paragraphs Defaults (sandbox)

Allows setting defaults for Paragraphs fields, which can be used for 2 reasons: to have a set of default paragraphs pre-added and filled in when creating new content, and to batch apply default paragraphs to existing nodes

Organic Groups Entityform Integration

Allows users to submit entityforms in a group context, and gives access to view/edit/delete those submissions based on organic groups membership and group-level permissions.

Upcoming Drupal Events

DrupalCon Los Angeles - May 11 - 15