File Entity and Media Modules in Drupal 8: DrupalCon Austin Session Notes

June 3, 2014 by Wayne Eaker
File Entity and Media Modules in Drupal 8: DrupalCon Austin Session Notes

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  • Media handling is something that users expect, and competitors to Drupal have.

In Drupal 8

  • File listing - like what File Entity adds under Content in D7
  • WYSIWYG Integration - only works with images, not videos, etc.
  • Multi-upload capability by default

For Contrib in D8

  • Pluggable components for all the media handling
  • Hope to reuse them between various media library modules.
  • Non-file centric storage components (for remote media, Youtube videos, etc)

Current Problems

  • No stable 2.x release
  • WYSIWYG handling
  • overly-complex out of the box (configuring file display)
  • Usability vs Extensibility
  • Sustained maintainership

Plan for D8

  • Split up File Entity into smaller chunks.
  • File Entity and Media Entity will exist separately
  • Will try to make components work in a non-media context: Entity Embed, Entity Browser, Fallback formatter

Challenges in Drupal 8

  • External Dependencies for Contrib: Currently can't use composer for contrib.
  • Using formatters and widgets on data without any real fields
  • Files lack proper access controller
  • Typed Data and Plugins

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