The Week in Drupal: March 28, 2014

Wayne Eaker

A review of interesting modules, articles and other Drupal news of the last week March 21 - 28, 2014.

Drupal News

Drupal governance announcements: Proposed Conflict Resolution Policy

An Updated Look for the Drupal Association - Snazzy new badges.

Have you heard about Drupal’s Community Working Group?

Great Posts and Tutorials

Upgrading PHP to 5.4 on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS to support Drupal 8

Drupal core committer takes Acquia Certification exam. You won't believe what happens next!

Make Your Life Easier with Coffee! - the Coffee module, that is.

What Developers Need to Know about Multilingual Drupal 7 Sites

The Block System is Finally Useful in Drupal 8

Drupal Theme Generator Demo

Meet Phergie, an efficient PHP IRC bot

Interesting New Modules

Console - Leverages the Symfony Console Component to provide a CLI tool to automate the creation of Drupal 8 modules by generating the directory structure for a module, routing, controllers, forms, services, plugins and required configuration files

Commerce Stock Notifications - Modifies the add to cart form on out of stock products, allowing users to enter an email address to be notified when the project is back in stock.

Relay - This sounds interesting: "Relay is an engaging storytelling tool and end user experience that allows journalists to easily post real time reporting around developing stories to Web and mobile environments, as well as provide interaction with our end users. Multiple reporters will be able to file audio, video, text and photo reports from out in the field, while a producer controls the experience by prioritizing reports and soliciting feedback and engagement from the user base."

ConceptMap - A graphical tool to organize, structure and visualize knowledge using taxonomy terms.

Views Database Connector - Create a view around any table in any database configuration.

Research Annotator - Provides the ability to annotate html elements of node body content through the field_body field.

Delete Monitor - Records and reports on deletion of Views, Content types and Imagecache presets.

DS Layout Attributes - Adds support for HTML attributes in Display Suite layout regions with token support. Example: apply a background image from an Image field on your node: style="background: url([node:your_image_field])".

UUID Features Commerce - Export Drupal Commerce products via Features.

Feeds Expirator - Allows you to expire entities created through Feeds module based on the date present in the source feed.

Flickr Slideshow Filter - Provides integration of jQuery Flickr Slideshows through an input filter, using [flickr_slideshow id=photoset_id]

Timetable - Allows you to create schedules of events, and display them in a table format. Sessions can be placed into timeslots and rooms using a single admin form for a whole day.