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The Week in Drupal: August 16, 2013

A review of interesting modules, articles and other Drupal news of the last week August 9 - 16, 2013.

Drupal Design Camp Berlin 2011

Drupal News

Triaging Drupal 8 - xjm

Lisa Welchman and Aral Balkan to Keynote DrupalCon Prague

Community Board Elections Coming Up! | Drupal Association

Wanted: Drupal Business Community Manager | Drupal Association

Drupal 8 Logo: Next Steps and Community Input | Drupal Association

Great Posts and Tutorials

Commerce Webform Overview

New option for funding Drupal contributors: Gittip

Learning Drupal 8 - A Great Way to Get Started

Drupal 8 Module Development, Part 3: Plugins

A Preview of Omega 4

How to Embed Videos using Video Embed Field Module in Drupal 7

How to Manage Video Styles using Video Embed Field Module in Drupal 7

Drupal 8 multilingual tidbits 11: string customizations tracked

Insert a form into a pop-up modal with CTools and Drupal 7

Interesting New Modules

Vine - Allows you to embed Vine's posts easily

OpenLayers Print - Provides print functionality for OpenLayers maps using MapFish Print.

Apache Solr Not-A-Node - Solves the problem of needing to have non-node pages such as views and panels, show in search results that are returned by Apache Solr.

Webform Charts - Integrates the Webform module with the Charts (with an "s") module. Using the libraries provided by Charts module (either Google Visualization or Highcharts, or other add-on libraries), this module integrates with the "Analysis" tab of a Webform to provide charts for each individual component's analytical data.

Open Data - Intended to help government websites to comply with the new US Government Open Data Policy. It accomplished this by providing a new 'Dataset' content type to an existing Drupal site, and exposing nodes of that type at /data and /data.json.

Media Flickr Local - This is an extension of the Media: Flickr module which downloads images from Flickr and stores them as completely local file objects, rather than using a separate stream wrapper as Media: Flickr itself does.

Entity Reference Calc - Provides an easy way for an entity to calculate the average/sum/min/max of a field on other entities that are currently referencing it through a Entity Reference field.

HealthGraph - Integration of the HealthGraph API by RunKeeper into Drupal.

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