The Week in Drupal: May 17, 2013

Friday, May 17, 2013
Wayne Eaker

Drupal News Moving to Drupal - Will be the highest traffic Drupal site to date, over 100 million monthly unique pageviews!

Getting the Twig initiative done

Great Posts and Tutorials

Track Drupal page load times easily with the Google Analytics module

Ready, Set, Go! Spin Up An Omega Layout in 45 Minutes Flat!

Create A Call To Action Block Using The Field As Block Module

Commerce Module Tuesday: Commerce Product URLs - Create links to products with specific attributes and options already selected

The Mysterious Drupal Entity (Podcast)

Understanding Drupal 8's Modal API and Dialog Controller - Understanding Drupal 8's Modal API and Dialog Controller

Annotations in Drupal 8

Using Mozilla Persona Single Sign On In Drupal 7

Drupal on Google App Engine

Interesting New Modules

Mobile AR Communication - The PRAugmentedReality iOS framework allows developers to instantly turn their mobile projects into an interactive location aware app. It provides: - An Augmented reality view out-of-the-box - Customizable AR Overlays - Customizable Map Pins - Simple and efficient Data Storage system - Communication with this module for simple creation of content on a site

File download count - Count the number of downloads of files uploaded to a file field.

Simple SSO - Simple SSO is specifically designed for Drupal sites that need a simple, intuitive and functional SSO system. The Simple SSO module can securely log in users accross several Drupal sites without needing to redirect the user to a single login form. The user always uses the login form on the site he's currently on.

Commerce Adjustment - Intended to make automatically calculated discounts and surcharges that display between the Subtotal and Total easier to implement, the Commerce Custom Order Adjustment provides a way to add custom price components to orders without using PHP.